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Plastic products exports to the EU has regulations plastic k

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Although Europe increased import plastic product standards, but as long as improve product quality, brand development, still can gain a firm foothold in the international market." Exhibitors confidence a kitchenware export enterprises in Zhejiang province Dongyang City chock says.

Plastic products exports to the EU has regulations

In the 115th session of the Canton Fair in the kitchen area, the reporter with a number of export plastic kitchenware exhibitors staff to talk to, to Europe plastic kitchenware products standards have improved.

"The new regulations for the implementation of the plastic products into the market, which brings certain influence on China's exports of plastic products exported to Europe, the plastic products European quality standards more stringent, but also an increase of production and inspection cost of enterprises." Shantou City Jin Hong trade limited company's staff said.

Recently, the EU issued new regulations (EU202/2014), on food contact materials and product requirements have been revised, the revised requirements are: 2 new single manufacturing can be used for food contact materials; specific migration dicyandiamide monomer limit was 60mg/kg; the original material 1, 3- phenyl two methylamine limit, separate from the common restriction for migration limit changes and new material between two benzene methyl isocyanate, specific migration for a total volume of 0.05mg/kg; the restriction of update. New regulations come into force in 20 days after the release, and set the buffer period, plastic materials and products in March 24, 2014 before the legal access to the EU market, even if they do not comply with the regulatory requirements, can continue to put on the market until March 24, 2015, until the inventory sales.

"We produce the disposable plastic cup main export American, France and Japan, Australia and the Middle East and other regions, the plastic products regulations put forward higher requirements on the quality of plastic products, plastic kitchenware faces new challenges, we must improve quality continuously, to seize the international market." A Zhejiang kitchenware export enterprises exhibitors said.

Re quality, heavy brand to win

Facing the EU plastic products strict access standards, China's plastic kitchenware export enterprises should improve product quality, the development of independent brands to get more orders. "At present, design R & D capability of China's plastic kitchenware weakness of enterprises, products with low technological content. Most export plastic kitchenware enterprise products for sample design, independent research and development products less, enterprises in the product R & D dependent strong, independent innovation ability." Zhejiang province Dongyang City Plastic Co., Ltd.'s staff said, the future, China's plastic kitchenware export enterprises to improve the basic technical enterprises, lay a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of export plastic kitchenware company. Constantly improve the technology guarantee for the enterprise, through the comprehensive improvement of self-control technology perfect, establish the enterprise quality management system of laboratory preparation, enterprises, has provided an important guarantee for improving the quality of the products. Enhancement of original technology products, the breakthrough product design route routine, into the unique elements of pluralism, go originality development road.

In addition, the "lag plastic kitchenware standards and regulations in China, product quality inspection is not comprehensive, but also hindered the domestic plastic kitchenware enterprise exports to the European market." Person in charge of an unnamed plastic kitchenware export enterprises said, "most of our relates to plastic products regulations and standards established in the 80's of last century. Although the 2009 China's Ministry of health and the National Standardization Committee released relates to melamine tableware national standard GB9690-2009 "food containers, packaging materials used melamine - formaldehyde moldings hygiene standards", the test items and standards of the products have higher requirements, but there are still some plastic product executive standard confusion, not to conduct a comprehensive testing it, to make a reasonable assessment of the overall quality of products."