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Plastic products will be given more use

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High performance composite materials used in the future will be more popular in the car, it has been predicted that the next car more than 80% of the part will be the use of plastic products. High performance composites are used in automobile body, chassis and suspension, engine parts and other parts, with the continuous expansion of energy-saving emission reduction requirements for automobile, plastic products will also be use given more.

Plastic is a very broad definition, not only refers to the narrow sense of plastic products in our experience, we are familiar with carbon fiber belongs to plastic, but in most of the time these plastic parts on the car to name the emergence of composite materials, the transient time tall.

Headquartered in France - resistant plastic company is a professional engaged in plastic products research and development company, Remi, Mr. Salomon said, "our main business is associated with plastics, including waste container, automobile fuel tank, automobile exterior parts. Of course plastic also including composite materials, must meet the regulations and quality requirements."

Plastic products at present car tail door and bumper position generally use, after the use of composite multilayer material, after the end of the tail gate 30% lighter than the metal. Mr. RemiSalomon said, provide a more aerodynamic design for automotive manufacturers, lightweight and reduce drag, which further reduces the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. All resistance characteristic plastic semi structure and the structure of high performance synthetic material component can reduce vehicle loads based on optimization. Mr. RemiSalomon also stressed, the SCR system all resistant plastic provided by INERGY can reduce diesel emissions by 95%, the Audi manufacturers such as is their products. For staff caring and social responsibility,

Mr. RemiSalomon said, they provide cars with exterior version to structure of painting, this is their pride of place, to do and vehicle color consistency requirements of high technology. Painting line highly automated to ensure the customer requirements and also eliminates the health hazards of workers, in addition to the spraying pollution, factory also has a filtering device, through collecting and filtering, the impact on the environment can be reduced to a minimum.

Future, the development of China's plastics industry will be more rapid, the overall level of the gap with the developed countries is narrowing, but still faces the overall level of raw material prices high, plastic machinery is not high, some enterprises lack self-discipline, part of the hysteresis plastic product standards and other issues. Expert advice should strengthen independent innovation, promote energy saving and environmental protection, to guide the development of industrial clusters, in order to promote China's plastics industry healthy and rapid development.