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"Wenzhou Plastic Industrial Park" project will bec

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Wenzhou Plastic Industrial Park "project introduced by Anderson Shengping town government, investment and construction of Heilongjiang Bai Yun Plastic Co., Ltd., from Dalian Polytechnic and Daqing Petroleum Institute research, project site in Hadaqi industrial corridor anda Development Zone, a total investment of 1275000000 yuan, the project construction consists of two phases, a period of 2012 June to start the construction, has attracted 12 enterprises. The two period started in early 2013, will be put into operation in August next year. After the project is completed, can accommodate 44 enterprises, the annual output value of 1800000000 yuan, tax 150000000 yuan, resettlement of 5820 people labor, the projects are all put into operation, the maximum plastic products industrial park will become the Northeast area.