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Han times, safety inspection report of three female sea capt

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 People.com.cn May 4th hearing according to South Korea, "Central Daily" news, survey, the South Korean passenger crashed "years" before leaving the port to submit passenger ship safety inspection report from the three marine division at the hands of women.

The report shall be completed in accordance with the provisions of the captain. South Korean prosecutors and police joint investigation headquarters recently said, "has been arrested 26 year old three female Marine Division park a written report and on behalf of the signature, submitted a report".

It is reported, in her report says the number of passengers for the 474, 657 tons of cargo, container 0, 150 vehicles, marine, Supreme Master Ching Hai Zhen and operation time, released in the accident after 476 passengers, 1157 tons of goods, there is a big gap between the 185 vehicles.

In addition, the goods are not properly tied to the case, report to fill in for "good loading state".

The park in an FBI headquarters investigation has confessed, "says no to test" to fill in the content, "the former Marine Division said 'all in good line', has been filled".

South Korean prosecutors investigation found, is responsible for the inspection report and should be in Han Guohai running cabin patrol will transport management is also not on the ship. To test the contents of the report on the accident appears to modify the number of cars -- from 150 cars to 180 cars, container number from 0 to 150 -- debugging the Department said, "should be shipping guild people modify the report on the accident".